Posted by: vivalatinamerica | February 7, 2010

Hotel Patio Andaluz, El Centro Historico, Quito

Patio Andaluz Hotel is like the Tardis.  From Garcia Moreno Street, close to the Plaza Grande in the Historical District, all you can see are some discreetly classy glass doors manned by some equally discreetly classy porters who open them for you, and on the other side is a small reception area, beautifully furnished.  But once you get on the other side of that lobby… wow.  The place is massive, for this is one of Quito’s top hotels, and they don’t do things by halves.

It comprises two huge atriums set over several levels, with the rooms and suites all opening out to the central areas, the bigger of which holds the hotel restaurant and the smaller of which holds the bar.  There is also a gym in here for the guest’s use, along with staff who are always ready to help, in their quiet, professional way, and wireless internet that they struggle a little to make stretch all the way over the vast expanse of the building.

The rooms themselves are extremely comfortable, with bathrooms which come kitted out with bathtubs, which is rarity even in the higher end hotels in the city and definitely quite a luxury.  And they have all the standard Cable TV, telephones, water and so on, as well as the not so standard two double beds: they are obviously used to catering for guests from North America.  The standard rooms are set at about $250 per night, which is about right for a hotel of this standard with the incredible location it enjoys.

It’s extremely nice to be able to wander about the Historical District at night without having to think about having to get taxis back to your hotel.  If you stay at the Patio Andaluz, you are within walking distance of everywhere in the Old City, and that’s definitely very convenient.  It’s also wonderful to be able to see the amazing architecture of this part of town all lit up in the darkness.  Very beautiful indeed.

Patio Andaluz is an interesting mixture of impressions.  It’s exceptionally beautiful – the interior designer must have had an absolute field day, finding or commissioning all that colonial-era furniture and choosing colour schemes and so forth.  It is, indeed, just an immensely lovely place to be.  But the atmosphere throughout the hotel is a very demure, quiet kind of class, and I don’t think I heard raised voices once throughout the stay.  Still, there’s much to be said for peace and quiet, and we definitely had a good night’s sleep.

Hotel Patio Andaluz,

Address: García Moreno N6-52
between Mejía and Olmedo
Telephone: (593-2) 2280830

Sophie Carville

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